About Helfinch

The British officials who coined the phrase “Made in Germany” intended it as an insult. In 1887, alarmed at an influx of low-priced German products, the British government required goods imported from Germany to be labeled as such. Back then, Germany was to Britain something like China is to Europe or the United States today. It was an aggressive emerging economy with a large store of cheap labor and ambitions to become an economic superpower. But Britain’s attempt to shield domestic companies from competition backfired. Made in Germany became a synonym for quality. The story of how Germany succeeded within a few decades still tells us something about the German mindset and tradition.

Helfinch is one such brand that traces its roots deep into Germany, with most of the Helfinch family migrating to United States of America as early as 1830s. Significant of these immigrants were into scientific study, invention and discovery of new products in scientific equipments, electronics or appliances. Most of the Helfinchs started as small enterprises designing and selling kitchen appliances or other farm tools.

Today Helfinch is pivoting itself into emerging markets such as India, China and Africa. Our products offer solution that the world needs right now - from energy saving solution to solar applications to smart IoT appliances, while maintaining the German Quality.

Helfinch offers products in Smart Home Electronics (IoT) and Appliances, Solar Powered Utility Tools, Energy Efficient Farming and Agro Tools, and various other home & work appliances.

We are present across the globe - South Asia, North America, and West Africa. Besides Germany, the Helfinch brand has significant presence in India, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and United States of America.