LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs are becoming an increasingly popular option for creating efficient, eco-friendly lighting solutions within homes and businesses. LED bulbs, such as the ones from Crompton, are renowned for their longevity, energy efficiency, the spread of light and affordability.

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    LED Bulbs FAQs

    Buy LED Ceiling Panel Lights Online

    With the LED panel light from Helfinch, you are always surrounded by great lighting which can instantly put you in a good mood! With aesthetic designs, these lamps give you superior lighting and also complements the decor of your home. The easy installation process for these ceiling lights allows you to enjoy fabulous lighting experience in any room of the house!

    Why Buy Helfinch LED Panel Lights?

    Helfinch offers a great selection of decorative lighting and is a name you can trust. We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions at affordable prices. This can evidently be seen in the design and performance of its LED lights.

    When you buy the LED panel light from Helfinch, you get stylishly designed lights that are not only energy-efficient but also provide high-quality lighting. All products come with a 2-year warranty from Crompton.

    Features and Benefits of Helfinch LED Panel Lights

    Like any other product from Helfinch, you get some fantastic features and benefits with the LED panel light.

    Give your home a new look with the LED panel design. Not only do you get to choose between the round and square panel, but you save space too since they are slim, compact and lightweight.

    These stylish panel lights give you the option to choose from a full metal body or semi-metal panels with metal collars which make these lights long-lasting and a smart investment.

    To get even lighting in any area in your house, the LED lights you buy should provide wide light distribution. The LED panels from Crompton give you a warm and welcoming ambience with smooth light distribution using robust energy-efficient drivers.

    When choosing LED lights for your home, keep the wattage and the dimensions of your ceiling in mind. Crompton offers you a wide range in wattage when it comes to these lights.

    You have panel lights ranging from 3 watts to 22 watts. If you need a brighter light, then go for a higher wattage. If you want a soft glow, then the 3-watt panel light will be ideal for you. You get three colour options while the colour temperature remains the same for all the sizes. This does not affect the brightness of the light.

    The dimensions vary from 70×70 mm to 205 x 205 mm, so check the size of your ceiling before buying these LED lights. These lights will have to be placed at equal intervals, so there are optimal spacing and light. With these lights, there will be no bright and intense light hurting your eyes since the LED panel light is glare-free.

    The LED panel light is an affordable lighting solution offered by Helfinch. You can opt for a wide variety of lights that start from 3 watts and go up till 22 watt while the price can range from INR 330-INR 1,800.

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