Helfinch in India

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Helfinch is present in India via a joint collaboration with DirectFromBrand (DFB Natural Things) to product and market innovative LED Lighting and Home Electronics including Smart Home IoT appliances.
Some of the products that have already been launched are

1. Inverter Bulbs : This LED bulb offers 4 to 5 hours of backup during the frequent and common power failures. This product has been designed for Indian conditions, and includes power surge protection, BMS for the Li-ion battery protection, ability to work in a wide voltage range (100 to 400 volts), fast recharge, and dust protection for the bulbs.

2. Sensor Bulbs : This LED bulb offers sensor for light and motion, which activates the bulbs only when there is a motion detected and automatically switches off during day. Offer significant power savings to households.

3. Wifi Connectivity Smart Bulbs : Our Wifi enabled bulbs can be easily connected to your Alexa or Google Assistant, via the app. You can either use voice commands with Alexa/Google Assistant or use the app to control these bulbs for brightness, changing colours as per your mood or room, or even switching it on or off. The app also allows you to see the energy usage for each of your wifi enabled bulb individually. Some of our products come with additional option of a speaker inside the bulb which allows you to connect it to a music source via wifi.

4. Li-ion based farming equipment and tools. Paddy harvester, Weed cutter, Soil tiller, and manure spraying machine are some of the agricultural products available.
5. Smart Home Wifi Plugs : Helfinch offers wifi plugs that will allow you to control your home appliances via wifi using either our app or connected to Alexa/Google Assistant. This will help you monitor the energy consumption, schedule timings or control the on-off of these appliances. This ready to use plug is available in 6Amp, 10Amp and 16Amp.

6. Plan for 2022 : Wifi enabled IoT Kitchen appliances, Universal Li-ion battery for electric two-wheelers, Smart IoT devices for pets.

Helfinch is the first D2C ONLY brand in India in electronics/electricals category. Helfinch offers premium range of LED lightings and electrical tools with one year full warranty. We are compliant of the new ecommerce regulations and our store follows all rules laid out by the draft ecommerce policy shared by the Government of India.

Reach out to us at info@helfinch.in or our Toll Free Number 1-800-309-2234