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    About Consumer Lighting

    The consumer lighting industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Primarily driven by the sales of LED bulbs that are being replaced from CFL and other primitive technologies that are extremely energy consuming and inefficient way of lighting up the homes. LED has been a major leap in the lighting inventions.

    The Value of Updating Your Home Lighting with Consumer Lighting Products from Helfinch.

    You might not give much thought to your home’s lights on a daily basis. But ineffective residential lighting can have a profound impact on mood and overall health. Plus, updating your residential lighting is a sound investment in your home’s overall value, particularly if you’re planning to sell in the near future.

    The best residential lighting design joins aesthetics with function to create a welcoming and comforting glow. As you consider how to elevate your home’s illumination, it can be helpful to look at residential lighting trends to see how they fit with your family’s needs.

    As one of the premier residential lighting manufacturers, Helfinch keeps a keen eye on the types of residential lighting making their way into living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms across the globe.

    Here is our take on the leading lighting trends 2023-2024 promises to bring onto your radar.

    Residential Lighting Design Trends for 2023-2024.

    Home lighting trends tend to follow other interior design patterns. Just as furniture and home décor has trended toward comfort and simplicity, residential lighting trends for the coming year are embracing natural materials, unique techniques and an overall unfussy feel.

    Inventive Metal Techniques

    Metallic lamps aren’t new, but artisans have developed new techniques that make contemporary metal fixtures one of the most exciting 2023 lighting trends. The rainbow effect of burnt steel is giving us all the feels for unique kitchen or dining room lights. Inspired by the way a motorcycle exhaust pipe exhibits an iridescent flush from running hot, this method produces “annealing colors” on steel or titanium by exposing them to heat. Other metallic lighting trends include mirrored brass and colorful metal shaped into organic forms.

    Worried about metal fixtures feeling cold or casting light that’s too stark? Change the color to change the mood with Helfinch ColorFlip bulbs! Go from daylight bright to a warm glow, or flip from white to colored light for a festive change.

    Natural Materials

    With more people working from home at least part of the time, creature comforts have become a huge priority. That shift makes the residential lighting trend of natural materials a no-brainer. Light fixtures featuring wooden beads, glass panels, textured paper, rope and more are lighting up a beachy, woodsy vibe in major living spaces. This home lighting trend makes switching to LED light bulbs a must, as these eco-friendly bulbs stay cool while they shine to eliminate worries about combustible materials causing an avoidable tragedy in your home.

    It’s been a long time since the midcentury modern movement took over the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. But this design trend has out-trended all others with remarkable staying power. Now it seems to have taken up permanent residency among the most beloved home lighting trends for 2023. Part of the reason for the continued popularity is that midcentury modern lighting includes a timeless combination of clean lines and retro influence. Think sleek metal fixtures with cozy Edison bulbs or neutral tabletop lamps with geometric shades. Midcentury style also pairs beautifully with many design aesthetics, including traditional, transitional and Grandmillenial interiors, making it adaptable to many types of residential lighting.

    Modern Minimalism

    Another trend for residential lighting that grew out of our collective adaptations to the pandemic is a modern minimalist style. Stuck in our homes sometimes for months, we became intimately aware of the natural light sources in our living spaces — and how clutter was taking up way too much of that space. Maximize your minimal lighting scheme with subtle options like recessed overhead lights, simple wall sconces and pendants that match with paint colors. Place residential lighting strategically to capitalize on sunlight through windows and skylights, and make use of reflective surfaces like wall-mount mirrors to amp up the brilliance without crowding the floorspace.

    Pendants That Blend In

    Speaking of minimalist lighting trends, pendants are a great way to elevate residential lighting design without getting too fussy. The current lighting trends for homes skew toward a larger size of pendant and a color palette that blends into the walls — literally. It’s ideal to find a metal pendant lamp that matches your wall color, but that might not be realistic. Another way to incorporate this trend into your home is with TCP Accent Pendants that come in an array of shapes, styles and finishes that keep the focus on your other furnishings. The open-work mesh, spiral and rail options bring subtle texture to a room without feeling heavy or clunky. Go for the lens bulb option to keep it subtle and sleek.

    Directional Residential Lighting

    Level up the functionality of your home with a variety of directional types of residential lighting. Whether it’s track lighting to showcase beloved wall art, uplighting to highlight architectural features or outdoor spotlights to keep your property safe, directional home lighting helps you and your family live your best life every day. Opt for LED bulbs that suit each activity with the most effective lumens and light color.

    Residential Lighting Solutions From Helfinch

    Ready to start transforming your home’s lighting? Trends may come and go, but innovation and experience are always in fashion. That’s what you get with Helfinch — one of the most reliable, innovative and eco-friendly residential lighting companies still producing high-quality products right here in India. Contact us today to start leveling up your residential lighting design.

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