Solar Rechargeable 5W LED Torch

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Solar Torch with Solar Panel.
Comes with 6Volts/4Watts High Performance Monocrystalline solar panel.
High quality,tested materials: 1 rugged monocrystalline solar panel.
Waterproof, UV, and scratch-resistant designed for ten plus years of outdoor use in any condition.
Solar panel is Ultra-light,compact design: 6.9"" x 10.6"" 8.88oz. (250g) ,easy to be held, can be easily taken to outdoor activity, and can also be used for charging other compatible devices like HELFINCH SOLAR FAN or compatible devices of other brands.
6V Solar Battery Charger: This solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy as 6 Volt rechargeable battery solar charger. It is energy saving, environmental friendly and pollution-free.
One Meter long cable provided to connect the Solar panel with the Torch, which has inbuilt battery.
Torch comes with powerful 5W LED lamp, with a full charge backup of up to 6 hours. The torch can be charged with AC input as well, via its micro usb charge point. Premium features likes Over charging protection and Deep discharge protection are standard. The inbuilt Li-Ion battery is of 4000 mAh, and offers quick recharge. 
  • Brand : HELFINCH
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