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Our mission is, To Improve people's quality of life and well-being through good products. We focus on creating efficient and energy saving products for everyone's need.

Leader in LED Lighting & Electrical Accessories

LED Bulbs, Street Lights, Flood Lights, Electrical Wires, MCB Switches & More.

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List of Applications


Powerful, Efficient and Stylish vehicle exterior and interior illumination solutions.

Cities & Towns

For commercial spaces, such as offices, buildings, malls, businesses, and restaurants.


Municipal lighting for streets, roadways, public buildings and common areas.


Attract customers to convenience stores by improving safety and enabling easy shopping.

Educational Institutes

Make learning environments comfortable, productive, healthy and safe.


Efficient and comfortable lighting for indoor and outdoor application of your homes.

Warehouse & Industrial

Our powerful range of LED lights with longer life brings your operational costs down. 

Agriculture & Farms

For livestock or for horticulture we have the right lighting to help deliver efficiency.

and more...

Human centric lighting is the art of creating lighting that mimics the natural daylight which drives our bodily functions.

We at Helfinch strongly believe it enhances human performance, comfort, health and well-being… read more

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We partner with other organizations in developments of products in Drone Technology, Sodium ion Batteries, and Swarm-Bot systems.

Helfinch offers Disruptive InnovationBold TransformationsUltra EfficiencyRadical BiomemticsAi Machine Intelligence in Energy Solutions

Headquartered in Germany & India, we research energy solutions for tomorrow.

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Focus Products for 2023

Our focus for 2023 is to grow the organization in South Asia, specifically India in the categories of miniature circuit breaker (MCB Switches), residential and commercial led lighting, medium and high voltage switchgear designed specifically for Indian market, lead free premium electrical wire cables for residential projects and homes from 0.75mm to 10mm, outdoor lighting including street lights, flood lights, and commercial highbay lights ranging from 50watts to 500watts. Our distribution network will now scale pan-India.