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Miniature circuit-breaker (MCB), 1P, C curve, 32000A (32 Amp)

Miniature circuit-breaker, 1P, 32 A, C curve, 32000 A (IEC 60898-1)

This Helfinch iShield C60 is a low voltage miniature circuit breaker (MCB). It is a 1P circuit breaker with 1 protected pole, 32A rated current and C tripping curve. The rated short circuit breaking capacity goes up to 15kA at 220VAC to 240VAC conforming to EN/IEC 60947-2 standard and 10000A at 230VAC conforming to EN/IEC 60898-1 standard. It complies with both industrial standard EN/IEC 60898-1 and residential standard EN/IEC 60947-2.

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