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Revolutionising Energy Solutions

Helfinch LTD started as an electrical appliances and tools for homes and farms manufacturer. Today we are into a diverse range of categories. Appliances, Automobile Lighting, Home Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Electrical Wires, Circuit Breaker Switches, Agricultural Tools, and Solar Products. GPS navigation tools and Mobile Accessories are other products that we co-develop with other companies. Helfinch is headquartered in Germany and the UK. And the manufacturing done in India under supervision, technology transfer and quality control from Germany.  HELFINCH LTD has its manufacturing unit in India under HELFINCH India (DFB NATURAL THINGS Pvt Ltd.)



Kitchen and home appliances, and farming equipments.

Lighting Products

Residential and Commercial lighting solutions.

Accessories & Tools

Electrical accessories and Farming tools.

GPS Gadgets

Specialized navigation and metering tools for roads.

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Features of some key products that were developed in the year 2023. For a full list of our products, visit our online catalog here.