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Illumination requirements in modern motor vehicles are as wide-ranging as they are demanding. But at HELFINCH we pride ourselves on working with manufacturers to enable both creative and appealing lighting concepts, as well as effective and reliable function in an industry where it really counts.

Helfinch Automotive Lighting Laser Headlights

Laser Lighting

Lighting technology for the modern automobile

Laser light is an absolute innovation in automotive lighting and the next big step forward since the introduction of halogen, xenon, and LED headlight technologies. This lighting trend opens up completely new horizons in the design and performance of headlights.
In the future, headlights can be designed to be much smaller and more efficient with laser light.
The brightness is already today almost four times that of an LED. This means that headlights can be made even smaller in the future – without compromising on light intensity.
The primary benefit for drivers is that these headlights will have the longest range provided by any current headlight technology. This offers the driver improved visibility, resulting in increased road traffic safety.


Adaptive LED headlights to enhance visibility while driving

The high-resolution illumination system has more than 1,000 LED pixels, offers considerably more options for precise light distribution than previous solutions, and is energy efficient.
The headlight will enhance safety by allowing permanent high beam, is less blinding to other road users, and makes it possible to alter the light distribution according to need such as turns in the road, oncoming traffic, and the distance and position of other road users. Only the pixels that are needed at the moment are turned on, which is usually about 30% of the total available light output of the entire system.


Bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED technology

Dynamic bend lighting headlights - on an entirely new technological level in the future. Up to now, mechanical assemblies were required to move parts of the headlight or the complete headlight. This is a thing of the past. Advanced Forward Lighting Systems (AFS) is easily implemented using LED technology. 
The Dynamic bending light function is operated by using a light module that can direct the beam pattern within an angular range according to the steering wheel angle. This module rotates from left to right in the horizontal axis of the car. The DBL is often the preferred option for headlamps using Xenon or LED lamps.



The automotive HUD demonstrator shows how flexible OLED technology can change our lives, in this case potentially making driving safer and more user friendly. To ensure drivers access to critical information without distraction is how flexible OLED technology works. It makes this possible through a revolutionary automotive heads-up display (HUD). Built on a thin plastic substrate, this transparent display can be integrated into the vehicle’s windshield to add driver-friendly functionality without adding weight. It can be fully customized during manufacture with segments of any shape and color.


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